Have you successfully conducted or supported circularity within a textile business model? CISUTAC is interested to hear from your experience to enhance the understanding and adoption of circular textile practices. CISUTAC partners are leading the charge in exploring Circular Business Models, specifically those centered around repair, re-use, and recycling. They aim to uncover the challenges and success factors inherent to these business models while also exploring strategies to scale them into a seamless circular textile value chain.  

If you have some valuable insight to share on the topic, you are invited to complete a 20-minute initial survey. This will be followed by a 30-minute online interview with 3 to 5 participants, who will be selected based on their survey responses. 

Findings from this research will be seamlessly integrated into CISUTAC's forthcoming Circular Business Models report, which will include research insights, best practice case studies, and survey transcripts. Data collection for the project is set for completion by November 2023 and the final report slated for August 2024. 
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