Next 20 September at 10:00, we will present to you our 5 Thematic Areas. This will be a valuable moment, as we are seeking to further involve you in these topics to help you in the best way to achieve your goals. Have you registered? Are you still hesitating in which Thematic Area to be active? Maybe the short descriptions below will help you, and for a detailed description direction our website!  
  • Built Environment 
The built environment is a major consumer of materials and producer of waste. Local and regional authorities have a key role in making this sector more sustainable through various actions and policies.  
  • Sustainable Food Systems 
Food systems have a significant impact on the environment and human health. Local and regional can support sustainable food systems by following EU legislations and strategies, reducing food waste, promoting organic farming and circularity, and mitigating climate change. 
  • Circular Lifestyles 
Circular lifestyles are about using resources wisely and avoiding waste. Connect the dots of circularity on your territory by making citizens and consumers care and be involved to boost a local sustainable consumption. Public authorities can also lead by example and balance different aspects of sustainability. 
  • Policy and Governance 
Policy and governance are essential for sustainability. Public authorities can use various tools to influence different actors in the system. Local and regional authorities should also consider the global context and choose the best instruments for their local situation. 
  • Waste and Material Flows 
Integrating the waste hierarchy in a waste management strategy is a minimum and first step. Local and regional authorities should also monitor waste prevention and improve waste data quality. They should also comply with the European and national obligations and guidance for different waste and material flows. 

Have you decided? Then, register for the event here. Note that if you are too busy, you are welcome to join us at the time of the Thematic Area that interests you the most. 
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