Trustworthy and inspiring resources on bioeconomy, monthly webinars with technical experts, latest news based on tailored interests, a self-assessment tool to understand the current performance of a city/region regarding bio-circular measures, technical support by experts, exchange of good practices and solutions among cities and regions, financial support to participate in workshops, study visits and events: these are just some of the many services that the HOOP projectis offering to the members of the HOOP network of cities and regions through the HOOP Hub. The network is open to all the entities planning, organising and managing biowaste and wastewater at municipal and regional level in Europe. Joining is totally free of charge and the members can adapt their involvement based on their interest, time, and resources. The HOOP project is recognised at European level as pioneer in the vitalisation of Europe’s Urban Bioeconomy. What are you waiting for? Register to the HOOP Network and get access to all the exclusive services!


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