The HOOP project is organising regular workshops and meetings, Biowaste Clubs (BWCs), where stakeholders exchange and develop a shared vision for how their city can become more circular. BWCs focus on the identification of the main barriers, challenges and opportunities along the value chain, including the listening to stakeholders’ needs and interests. The participants come from academia, industry, policy and civil society. The HOOP Lighthouses guide the BWCs supported by the HOOP Partners CSCP (Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production gGmbH), Science for Change and 2GoOut. The results and lessons learned from the BWC will be the focus of the next episode of the HOOP Lunch Talks: How to bring stakeholders together? On 30 March, the HOOP members will meet for the monthly mutual learning webinar and will be guided by CSCP on how to implement the methodology of the Biowaste Clubs in their territory.  
If you want to join the HOOP Lunch Talks, but also get technical and financial support for your projects on circular bioeconomy, register for free for the HOOP Network of cities and regions. 
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