The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) launched a survey among the 2022 edition participants in order to assess the progress of the campaign. Through the survey, more than 100 people shared information about their actions. According to the data collected, the most active city is Zaragoza (Spain) and actions have been carried out mainly in schools and educational institutions. More than 28 000 people took part in the organisation of the EWWR activities. Most of the actions that organised a collection of clothes were inspired by the 2022 thematic focus on textiles. Moreover, 53% of the action developers that participated in the survey assessed that their action will continue this year. 
The 2022 edition of the campaign had more than 16 000 registered actions. The data described are not representative of the 2022 actions but are based only on the answers of the 114 respondents by February 2023. 
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