After looking for regions where to assess soils needs, and innovation and original school education example on soils, PREPSOIL is now looking for Community of Practices (CoP) engaged in Sustainable Soil Management.  CoP can be defined as a group of people who "share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly“. In this particular case, target groups are farmer groups doing trials, alternative farming and food movements, local and regional environmental groups, soil protection NGOs etc. If you are part of a CoP or are aware of a CoP that matches this description, and want to benefit from the activities of the PREPSOIL project, register here.

Our research will not stop here! Many other opportunities are yet to come, with one call coming for Agents of Transition (AoTs) in preserving soil health. AoTs are Individuals or organisations seeking to advance sustainable soil management in any context where soils are affected, from agricultural soils to urban ones, from soils in protected areas to soils which have supported industrial activities. Agents of transition may work in different fields, from agronomy to urban planning, from forest management to spatial planning, and beyond. 

In the meantime, you can already become a Soil Advocates by expressing your interest to contribute in PREPSOIL here.

PREPSOIL offers you plenty of opportunities to take action for the preservation of Soil health in Europe, so stay tuned!!

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