The Hubs4Circularity (H4C) Community of Practice, a network of public and private stakeholders from industries, regions, and cities, is being set up under Horizon Europe to facilitate building and scaling up and replicating ecosystems of industrial and industrial-urban symbiosis, and circular economy. Two consortia with complementary strengths and expertise, H4C Europe and H4C ECoP, are behind the H4C Community of Practice. Together, they will develop a set of key performance indicators for Hubs4Circularity as well as define business models and promote funding and finance opportunities to boost industrial and industrial-urban symbiosis, and circularity.
As a member of both consortia, ACR+ will contribute to setting up and consulting a panel composed of cities and regions interested in industrial urban symbiosis (I-US). As enablers of I-US, cities and regions will have the opportunity to provide input and feedback to the tools and deliverables of the project, ensuring their relevance for the stakeholders. As a network organization, ACR+ will also have an important role in community building and dissemination activities through its members.
If you are interested in the H4C Community of Practice, make sure you join it through the website!
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