Have you ever wondered how resource demanding sport events could be and what their what their environmental impact was? However, daunting this thought can be, these events will soon see a series of improvements in terms of environmental management, as 4 sports clubs committed to strive towards more circularity by 2025. ACCESS, which stands for Achieving Circularity in Cities through Environmental Sustainability of Sport, aims at bringing sports clubs, and their respective stadiums, and cities together, to aim for comprehensive sustainability actions. 

With its kick-off meeting in July, ACCESS has seen the beginning of a strong collaboration between ACR+, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSA) and 4 sport clubs: The Danish Football Association, the Football Association of Wales, FC Porto, and the Gaelic Athletics Association. Every sport club will now be assisted by ACR+ and SSSA in approaching its respective city. The goal is simple: Leading a first assessment on what is in place on both sides. The field work will now start with a set of interviews enabling the technical partners to understand the current gaps and needs before starting to develop solution together with the sport clubs.

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