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After over two years of work, the activity "Supporting the implementation of a sustainable public procurement pilot in the construction sector in Tunisia", led by the Tunis International Centre for Environment Technologies in the framework of the WES project came to an end. It consisted in coaching/mentoring and capacity building for public and private bodies in order to render the public procurement process in the construction sector, more sustainable. The coaching activity included the support and monitoring of sustainable public procurement for a composting plant in the city of Mahdia.

ACR+ has been involved throughout the activity as an expert and as such joined the closing day of the activity on 26 October to present the context and advantages of sustainable public procurement and showcase the results obtained during the activity. In particular, it led to the preparation of an online guidance to insert sustainability clauses in the public procurement procedures in the construction sector.

Presentations and other materials from the activity are available here: www.wes-med.eu



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