For several months the Biocircularcities partners have been analysing the current biowaste management systems in the pilot territories of Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, the Province of Pazardzhik and the Metropolitan City of Napoli. For each territory, they mapped the main biowaste producers and biowaste management systems, selected a biowaste management chain to be further analysed, and identified the relevant stakeholders involved in the biowaste management chains and their interests and perspectives. The selected biowaste chains are the following: organic fraction of Municipal Solid Waste for the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona; unrecovered forestry residues for the Province of Pazardzhik; biowaste from coffee chain for the Metropolitan City of Naples.Then, for each pilot, partners defined a Business as Usual and alternative scenario regarding the valorisation of the selected chain. Results of this work are gathered in the report “State of the art of biowaste production and management in the pilot areas”, whose public summary is now available for download!More:
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