Are you looking for inspiration for your local biowaste management strategy? The HOOP project is inviting you to a two-day study tour in the HOOP Lighthouses Almere (NL) and Munster (DE). The tour will consist in visits of biowaste sorting and treatment facilities, including organic waste sorting, anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction, digestate composting, and also of the Almere’s innovative pilot projects to transform aquatic plants into paper and other bio-based products. Furthermore, the tour includes exchanges with HOOP Lighthouses and partners when you will be able to discuss your current projects and challenges. Read the full agenda here. To participate in the tour, you have to register here for the HOOP Network. The Network is free and open to any organisation planning or operating biowaste or wastewater management: municipalities, regions, utility companies. The costs of the tour for the HOOP members are covered by the project (one person per organisation).



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