Partners of the GREENER project have developed a Training Course destined to SMEs wishing to engage in GPP/CPP activities. After interviewing SMEs and public authorities to understand their needs, partners have developed Training Course composed of 5 modules. The modules cover many CPP/GPP features, from basic introduction and definitions to compliance with the EU rules, and opportunities for SMEs. You will find here below the titles of the 5 modules:

  • Module 1- Circular and Green Public Procurement, an opportunity for SMEs
  • Module 2- To understand and to find a public tender
  • Module 3- To comply with sustainability requests from Public Authorities (PAs)
  • Module 4- To create awareness inside the SMEs on GPP opportunities
  • Module 5- How to improve company sustainability for a successful application to GPP

The course aims to support SMEs in acquiring skills, knowledge and access to the right information when applying for green and circular tenders. The course also intends to build a new professional inside the companies that will serve as an internal advisor when trying to comply with the needs of the PAs looking for green and circular purchases.

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To test the training course, GREENER partners will organize two workshops in May-July 2022 to discuss the content of the training material and get feedback from key stakeholders (procurers, suppliers, training providers, NGOs…). These workshops will also be an opportunity to exchange views on the topic among key players in the field.

The training course and workshops will be evaluated by an Advisory Group composed by a panel of experts (Public Authorities, SMEs and large companies, NGOs, higher education and research representatives, etc.). The stakeholders will have the opportunity to answer a survey after the workshop to check if their needs have been answered.

Lastly, partners will develop a Toolbox with guidelines to engage companies in CPP/GPP and factsheets of good practices on training modules in each country.





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