In order to build a strong exchange between the Lighthouses cities and regions involved in the project and the members of its network, the HOOP project is launching monthly 30 minute exchanges about the urban circular bioeconomy, involving an expert from the HOOP team who will share information and practical solutions. The first episode will be held on 31 March at 14:00 CET and it will focus on the technologies that the 8 HOOP Lighthouse cities and regions are developing with the goal to recover valuable resources from biowaste to make bio-based products. Participants will dive into collection strategies, bio-products to feed animals, revalorisation of the residue produced in a composting plant, valorisation of streams from biogas production, high-value products from urban wastewater sludge, and also valorisation of coffee grounds and used cooking oil. This event is open only to members of the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions which gather public authorities, and waste management and wastewater treatment companies around Europe. If you want to join the HOOP Network, click here.



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