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14 million tonnes of litter are collected from the streets of Europe annually, imposing costs of up to EUR 3 billion per year for cleaning it up. The Directive 2019/904 on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment (the Single-Use Plastic or SUP Directive), adopted in 2019, is one of the elements of the EU Plastics Strategy. Among other measures, it tackles the issue of littering by including littering costs in the costs that should be covered by EPR. But the Directive gives no indication on how those costs are to be calculated, or which data calculation methodology should be put in place.To discuss these issues and more, the EPR Club Secretariat, supported by ACR+ member CITEO, INTERAFVAL and ALO, is organising a EPR Club Lunch Debate entitled “Data Collection on Costs of Littering and (Anti)littering Strategies as a Part of EPR Schemes” on 4 April 2022. Gathering representatives of various stakeholders to share their positions, experiences and questions, the debate will provide an opportunity for interactive discussion on the role of the EPR schemes in tackling the problem of littering.

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