ACR+ has participated in the consultation of the European Commission on the revision of the Waste Framework Directive. It is expected that the evidence gathered during this consultation will lead to a better understanding of the factors that hamper waste prevention in the EU. It will also help to inform the EC about the different barriers identified by stakeholders and to define targets needed for concrete and coherent action.

ACR+ advocates for waste prevention through the establishment of specific target on waste generation per capita achievable for the coming years as well as the definition of minimum requirements for source segregation and separate collection. It also highlights the importance of using fiscal instruments and fostering reuse and repair activities. Finally, it emphasizes the need to expand EPR principles to other product categories.


ACR+ will give feedback on the public consultation process opened by the European Commission on Sustainable consumption of goods – promoting repair and reuse. Should you want to share with us some points to be included, please send an email to Serena Lisai (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.before 22 March 2022.

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