The Environmental Committee of the Parliament of the Brussels Capital Region invited ACR+ to take part in a session last 19 January focusing on biowaste, especially the upcoming obligation for biowaste selective collection. The aim of the session, including also ACR+ member Bruxelles Environnement and other local stakeholders, was to share on-going initiatives and current challenges for a better management of biowaste and food losses in the region. ACR+ provided an overview of European case studies, best practices, and perspectives on food waste collection, insisting on the need for a frequent, pro-active communication, a convenient collection system adapted to households’ constraints, and to provide pre-collection equipment so that nuisances can be avoided. ACR+ also highlighted the fact that, without proper incentives such as the reduction of collection frequency for residual waste or PAYT, high performances could not be reached. Last but not least, ACR+ reminded the importance of addressing food waste in a broad perspective, by giving the priority to the reduction of food waste and losses, and aligning collection with the final use of bio-based products.
A recording of the session is available online (in French/Dutch)

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