ACR v2 r02Ireland, represented by ACR+ members Eastern Midlands Waste Region and Southern Waste Region, is the first member of the second cohort of the More Circularity, Less Carbon campaign to have completed the assessment of its carbon footprint linked with municipal waste generation (covering waste generated by household). Ireland’s top five waste categories from carbon perspectives also have the highest tonnages. These are: textile, plastic, mixed and undifferentiated, food, and paper and cardboard.

Based on this, ACR+ and ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland investigated how a reduction of 25% of the carbon emissions linked with local resource management could be achieved by 2025: reducing by 30% textile waste, at least 40% plastic waste, 20% the other targeted materials (i.e., food, paper and cardboard, metals, and bulky waste); reducing by 40% textile waste, at least 15% plastic waste, and 20% other targeted waste; or introducing a waste reduction target of 25% for all materials.


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