It has been 2 years that SMART WASTE partners got together to find solutions for a smarter, more effective, sustainable, and cost-efficient waste management, benefiting all territorial stakeholders. A new article on the SMART WASTE website browses the main achievements of the project. Partners started by analysing their local situations. To evaluate to what extent current national, regional and local policies have promoted successful innovation in waste management in each partners’ territories, SMART WASTE partners have set a policy evaluation method. This evaluation is now at an advanced stage, in particular thanks to the involvement of local stakeholders. Partners are also well -advanced in the identification and sharing of good practices and started the policy improvement activity. They got acquainted with the tools that will support the development of improvements in their public policies, namely a template to describe good practices and a matrix for the comparison between good practices and needs by each partner. They are now assessing to which extend the good practices already identified by one partner could help to address local failures on another partner’s territory.




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