The FOODRUS project is reaching out to cities and regions to support activities to adapting and replicating some of the project’s approaches and solutions into follower regions, called “FOODRUS Associated Regions”. European cities and regions involved in the project as Associated Regions will enhance the resilience and sustainability of their local and regional food systems by adapting and replicating innovative solutions and approaches.

Each FOODRUS Associated Region will identify and detail replication priorities and actions in a “Replication Roadmap” addressing food loss and waste. In order to support the preparation of these roadmaps as well as the implementation of actions and the use of the FOODRUS tools and approaches, FOODRUS Associated Regions will get access to:

  • Results of the project, in particular the tools, methods and demonstrator cases (including deliverables and summary of deliverables, video interviews of experts);
  • Support activities to facilitate the transfer of these results and put them in perspective with their local context (exchanges with FOODRUS experts and peer regions, meetings on legal and economic barriers);
  • Guidance for the preparation of replication events and Replication Roadmaps.

You can find more information about the benefits of joining FOODRUS Associated Regions here.

Six FOODRUS Associated Regions are already confirmed: Timisoara (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Linz (Austria), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Halandri (Greece) and Valencia Region (Spain). Will you be the next one? Express your interest in joining by filling in this form by 31 August 2021.




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