The FOODRUS project – an innovative collaborative circular food system to reduce food waste and losses in the agri-food chain – aims to develop and implement a circular food approach through a collaborative network based on the use of the ICT technologies to reduce food losses and waste along the agri-food value chain. FOODRUS will demonstrate at pilot level innovative action to address food loss and waste in three food product value chains: vegetables (Spain), meat and fish (Denmark), bread (Slovakia).

In order to contribute to a European transition of the agri-food sector towards a more circular and food waste free model, the FOODRUS project is reaching out to other territories and will support activities aimed at adapting and replicating some of the project’s approaches and solutions into follower regions, called “FOODRUS Associated Regions”. Six FOODRUS Associated Regions are already confirmed: Timisoara (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Linz (Austria), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Halandri (Greece) and Valencia Region (Spain).

The overall benefit for European cities and regions to be involved in FOODRUS as Associated Regions is to enhance the resilience and sustainability of their local and regional food systems by adapting and replicating innovative solutions and approaches that will support sustainable and cooperative models for prevention, re-use, recovery and valorisation of food losses and waste paying special attention on perishable food, including cooked food.

You can find more details about the benefits to become a FOODRUS Associated Region here.





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