Circular and green public procurement are still under-spread practices for most of the companies and public administrations. The two-year Erasmus+ project GREENER will help to address this gap by increasing the skills in this field of administrative and middle management profiles. The benefits for the project’s participants will be multiple: from an analysis of needs in terms of capacity building to a toolbox that will help companies to successfully apply for tenders that incorporate green and circular requirements, and a modular training program for public authorities and SMEs adapted to their needs.

As a first step towards the development of the skills framework, ACR+ and its GREENER partners are carrying out interviews with public authorities and SMEs in the four countries covered by the project: Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, and Spain. The goal of these interviews is to identify the public administration and companies’ skills gap and the barriers which hamper the diffusion of circular and green public procurement. In addition to the interviews, partners also launched an on-line survey to complement the feedback provided during the in-depth interviews.




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