The GREENER project which started in December 2020 and will run until November 2022 aims at increasing technical capacities in Circular and Green Public Procurement processes of administrative and middle managers (especially in SMEs), and public administrations. The project outcomes will be a report identifying the skills gap, a toolbox to support the development of Vocational Educational Training (VET) programmes and a training course for SMEs and public administrations.

The main project activities are: the design of a skills framework for professionals in circular/strategic sustainable procurement, the implementation of training courses, and the preparation of a toolbox for the development of Initial and Continuous Vocational Education and Training (I/C-VET) Programs. Cleantech (Bulgaria) is the leader of the project and ACR+ members Institute of Management, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and Sistemi Formativi Confindustria are participating as project partners.

In the framework of the project, ACR+ and partners started to carry out interviews to key stakeholders including public authorities, SMEs in 4 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain. The goal of these interviews is to identify the public administration and companies’ skills gap and the barriers which hamper the diffusion of Circular and Green Public Procurement. In addition to the interviews, partners also launched a set of on-line survey to complement the feedback provided during the in-depth interviews.

You can find the questionnaire and support the improvement of the skills’ framework here: in English, in French, in Dutch, in Bulgarian, in Italian, in Spanish.


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