The CircLean network was officially launched on 23 February 2021 as a concrete opportunity to tap into the potential of industrial symbiosis for European businesses. The event included a presentation of CircLean’s main ambition and the potential of industrial symbiosis as well as a roundtable where ACR+ and its member SRWMO highlighted the key drivers for industrial symbiosis. A second roundtable of speakers, including ACR+ member Orée, was then implemented on the importance of industrial symbiosis for the EU Green Deal.

The specific aims of Circlean are to:

  • elaborate and endorse a voluntary ‘common approach’ for the reporting of industrial symbiosis exchanges,
  • monitor the uptake of this approach by businesses, and
  • provide a tailored online tool to facilitate matches for industrial symbiosis exchanges between companies.

Core to the initiative is the active engagement of relevant stakeholders, with whom the features of the network will be co-designed. To that end, Circlean has envisioned three different Task Forces focusing respectively, on the co-creation of an industrial symbiosis reporting software, on the development of a shared reporting methodology, and on the definition of a label - or equivalent - for stakeholders that engage in industrial symbiosis and report on such.


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