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Following an 8-month extension, DECISIVE project entered into its final stage with the latest General Assembly bringing together the project’s 14 partners.

The project suffered to a rather great extent from the pandemic as it has hit some key sectors the project depends on such as the hospitality sector and catering services, whose food waste is processed in DECISIVE’s demonstration site in Lyon. Besides, it had also limited physical meetings and setting up the new installation in Dolina, Italy. The latest General Assembly, unlike the previous ones was convened not to look back at the imposed challenges and limitations, but rather at what can be achieved and completed before the projects ends, later this year in October.

The demonstration site in Lyon continues to draw attention of national and international audience as it was reported in the news.  As soon as some maintenance and intervention from the Stirling engine provider, the Italian ITS Energy, will be possible onsite, further results on biogas valorisation may be obtained. On the other side, the demonstration site in Dolina, Italy is still waiting for the last authorisation to start and as a consequence there are still uncertainties when the follow-up of the experiments will be launched.

When it comes to laboratory tests and experiments, the research and academic institutions working on the project – INRAE, Aarhus University and the Autonomous University of Barcelona continue to publish encouraging news and findings which will further contribute to and enhance the development and uptake of the DECISIVE concept, as well as assessments of it in terms of environment, job creation and more, which would provide an overview of all the benefits and added values associated with decentralised biowaste management.

The remaining 8 months will also see a major dissemination and communication campaign which will be composed of various events such as a series of webinars, focus groups and virtual site visits and the Final Conference after summer which will wrap up this 5-years long project. The mentioned events will be announced shortly.


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