ACR v2 r02In 2019, the carbon impacts of the municipal waste of the city of Genoa were estimated to 708,000 tCO2eq. In the framework of the More Circularity, Less Carbon campaign, the Italian city is aiming to reduce by 25% its carbon emissions linked with local resource management by 2025 and reach a total of 530,000 tCO2eq. This figure includes the impact linked with waste management, but also the footprint linked with the production and consumption of the products that became waste. Several scenarios have been investigated to explore pathways for Genoa to achieve this target.

The different strategies investigated all focus on waste prevention measures. The two main possibilities are: reducing 30% of textile waste and food waste, and 20% of the other priority materials; or reducing all municipal waste fractions by 20%.

Read the full report here.

Cohort 1 of the More Circularity, Less Carbon campaign also includes ACR+ members Pays de la Loire and the Region of Brussels-Capital. The analysis of the Carbon Footprint of Waste of Pays de la Loire is already available online.

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