Whatever sport one follows, it became obvious some months ago that they are nowhere near to what they used to be prior to the pandemic. This fact is reflected in the ongoing LIFE TACKLE project’s activities – while some of the pilot tests, which have the objective to assess and evaluate certain measures for improving the environmental performance of football matches, took place last year and earlier this year, many of them crucial for the completion of this phase are now threatened not to take place as they require the key target group to be present – the fans.

Therefore, the technical partners are now working closely with the stadiums in order to adjust and modify some of them and still achieve some remarkable output which would-be put-on disposal to third party clubs and stadiums. In the meantime, the participating football associations – the Romanian, Swedish and Italian, are undergoing capacity building activities as originally planned, with the support of the technical partners, including ACR+. These associations will go through a number of trainings and workshops targeting green public procurement practices, environmental monitoring approaches, key performance indicators identification and more.

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