One of the key characteristics of the Interreg Europe programme is to foster the exchange of experiences between public authorities in Europe through the identification of good practices. Soon finishing their first year, our three latest Interreg Europe projects, SMART WASTE, LCA4Regions and EURE, have now started to publish their first good practices. Why not having a look at them?
Thanks to SMART WASTE you can discover an example of separate municipal waste collection in the municipality of Zlatograd (Bulgaria) and of recycling of waste from the regional manufacturing sector in Tuscany.
The three practices of LCA4Regions are without surprise focusing on life-cycle analysis: how it can be applied with sustainable land use or used to substitute hazardous substances in products and processes by less hazardous or non-hazardous substances to improve environmental compliance. A life-cycle approach is also applied by the Region of Pamplona to calculate its annual carbon footprint
EURE’s first good practice is very topical, explaining how the municipality of Empoli (Italy) has mitigated the social effects of the COVID-19 outbreak using circular economy and civic volunteering.
More good practices will come, so keep an eye on the projects’ websites and social networks.

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