ACR+ and Pilot4dev are looking for experts to deliver 10 urban analysis reports in the framework of the CRIC project. The reports should target the project’s pilot cities: Pekanbaru, Pangkal Pinang, Bandar Lampung, Cirebon, Banjarmasin, Samarinda, Mataram, Kupang, Gorontalo, and Ternate.

The urban analysis reports consist in filling in a city questionnaire with precise data, pictures and maps of the city, content information on the urban, planning, and climate resilience strategies. The topics need to cover:

  • Urban planning
  • Climate policies
  • Resilience policies
  • Social and inclusive policies

Required deliverable: 1 content report including pictures and maps of at least 30 pages per city

The first deadline will be end of June 2020 to deliver on the first urban analysis report (of the city of Samarinda, as specified below), and 8 months after the signature of the contract for the other 9 reports.

The reports need to be understandable, clear, useful and impactful. The language needs to be English. We expect at least 30 pages per report. A baseline template is provided (Annex) and needs to be filled in and attached as annex to the report. It provides information on the topics to be covered (butitis not exhaustive).

Preference will be given to experts justifying a strong knowledge of cities and climate policies in Indonesiafor the core report.

Another call will be published for the reviews of the report.

The global price covers the report elaboration and the travel and accommodation costs for the on-site based work (missions to the pilot cities are highly recommended). Additional travel costs can be requested in writing and agreed on a case by case basis.

The first draft of the urban analysis reportfor the city ofSamarinda needs to be delivered before 1 July 2020. The other draft reports need to be delivered within 8 months from the signature of the contract with each expert. The experts can tender for 1 or maximum 2 pilot cities in one proposal. Please specify in your offer which city/citiesyou will work on.The experts can work independently or in a team. The deadline for the final report is March 2021.

The global budget envelope is 35000 Euros shared between Pilot4dev (5 urban reports/ 17 500 Euros) and ACR+ (5 urban reports 17500 Euros).

In addition, the CRIC project has launched another call, this time regarding three expert reports on indicators and SDGs-call 2.

Read the full term of reference and the annex.

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