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While strengthening the development of the project at local level through various events and stakeholders meetings, the WINPOL partners continued to discover new practices of innovation in waste management.  As a result, the WINPOL database now counts with 24 good practices, related to the following aspects:

  • Use of Data for the optimization of collection;
  • Use of Data for improvement in analysis and decision making;
  • Use of Data to provide feedback to citizens;
  • Innovative waste prevention;
  • Innovative waste collection;
  • Innovative Reuse and recycling.

The newest practices, linked with 11 good practices of innovative models for waste collection, prevention, and reuse and recycling were presented during a second thematic seminar on 19-21 November in Antwerp, Belgium. While most of the practices are implemented by the WINPOL partners or their stakeholders, three practices were brought by external experts invited by ACR+, the Advisory Partner of the project. To complete this work project partners went to the field and visited two cities which used innovation to improve their performances, namely Imola, Italy, and Ghent, Belgium.

A third topic, innovative tariffication, is yet to be explored. This will be done during a last thematic seminar scheduled for May 2020. It will be completed by a final study visit to Bergen, Norway, where big data and pay-as-you-throw are at work. After that, partners will select several good practices among those presented to transfer them on their territories. For this purpose, they will elaborate action plans which will be implemented during the second phase of the project, starting in December 2020. A handbook gathering all the practices explored by the project will also be published next year, available to all.

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