Logo LIFE TACKLEThe LIFE TACKLE project’s mid-term conference, held on 3 March 2020, marked an important milestone as the project is halfway through its lifetime with the implementation of pilot tests currently undergoing in 12 pilot stadiums across Europe. Hosted by Euractiv in Brussels, it gathered not only a diverse set of panellists but also a diverse audience and was opened by ACR+’s Managing Director, Francesco Lembo who highlighted that “supporters generally have high expectations regarding the need for environmental management of matches, and they are generally aware of their responsibility towards the impact of a match”.

While the first of the two panel discussions featured the cooperation between sport event organisers and local and regional authorities and how important this cooperation was in achieving improved environmental management, the second one looked more at the holistic approach to improvements in sport events, especially bringing various stakeholders together from the food and beverage providers, and waste operators to the event organizer itself.

Benoit Hellings, Brussels city’s vice-mayor responsible for sports and environment highlighted the fact that the new local government decided to merge these two departments last year as a clear sign showing that the city decided to start looking at sports as a field next to be tackled by environmental assessments and to receive special attention in terms of green policies. Speakers who participated on behalf of the European Commission and its Agencies stressed out the fact that the European budget allocated to such initiatives has seen a regular increase and shared their hope that it would enable other actors in the field of sport to pick up on these challenges.

More information about the speakers is available on the event page.

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