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As the end of the URBANREC project is approaching, ACR+ members are invited to give their feedback on the tool that was developed during the project’s life span.

The aim of the tool is to help URBANREC end-users to understand the benefits of applying a circular economy approach in the urban bulky waste (especially, public bodies and local authorities and waste managers and industry, but also citizens). The interactive tool is an easy way to show how any municipality/ region can improve the current bulky waste situation including some changes from the beginning to the end of the bulky waste management. A beta version of the tool is visible here: https://urbanrec-project.eu/pre_tool.php

The interactive tool includes the following elements:

  1. Public information generated into the project: Documents and guides to improve prevention, logistics treatments, and recycling processes. They also include direct contacts so that if there is any special interest or doubt to be solved in any of those matters, the end-user has the possibility to get a quick answer from the corresponding project partner. VISIT SECTION ‘DOCUMENTS’.
  2. Rough calculations and graphs to understand the positive impact that a Civic Amenity Site (CAS)/ a region/a municipality can benefit from if the URBANREC approach is applied. The impact is measured in terms of recycled material and/ or re-used items diverted from landfill and some environmental benefits. Only editable cells are your entry data, the rest of the figures come from calculations based on the project results. VISIT SECTION ‘CALCULATORS’ and PLAY WITH MADE-UP FIGURES to see its potential.
  3. Communication, Dissemination and Training materials, especially addressed to municipalities and CAS,  to raise awareness and implement specific measures by the different actors involved in the bulky management waste. VISIT SECTION ‘E-LEARNING MODULES’.

If members are interested in testing the URBANREC Interactive website tool, in its draft preliminary version, they can go through the three sections (DOCUMENTS, CALCULATORS, E-LEARNING MODULES) and rate them from 1 to 5, being 1- the minimum rating, to 5- the maximum rating.

For each of the sections, they should evaluate the following aspects:


Rating (from 1 to 5)







The ACR+ team would be grateful to receive the feedbacks by 31 October at the latest, by simply receiving an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., filling in the table above.

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