ANEL smallThe Nicosia Development Agency (ANEL) was established on 16 December 2011 by the Municipalities of Greater Nicosia. The main objective of the Agency is to claim funds from European and other funded programs for the benefit of its shareholders regarding the implementation of their development plans on every aspect of their interest. Sectors of expertise: Local social policy, public policies, education, health, government and civil society, environment, social infrastructure and services, communications, renewable energy sources, green infrastructure, supporting and consulting local authorities, project management, regional planning, interregional cooperation, financing models, governance strategies, participatory mechanisms.

We asked Eleftherios Loizou, Managing Director of Nicosia Development Agency, a few questions.
ACR+: Why have you joined ACR+, what are your expectations regarding your membership to the network?
E.L.: ANEL chose to join ACR+ because of its great network and the services shared on the circular economy, a sector that interests our organization and it is a high priority in our region. ACR+ is an excellent opportunity for organizations like ANEL (representing local authorities) for finding the support they need in facilitating cooperation, exchange of experiences and sharing technical or policy information with other organizations
ACR+: How do you cooperate with local and regional authorities?
E.L.: Shareholders of ANEL are nine municipalities of the area of Nicosia (the capital city of Cyprus). Namely, the Municipalities of Strovolos, Latsia, Engomi, Aglantzia, Lakatamia, Tseri, Yeri, Agios Dometios and Idalion are forming ANEL. The Agency operates on two levels:

  1. Provision of support, individually, to its member Municipalities according to their special needs.
  2. Provision of support on a regional level through the promotion of initiatives towards the common needs of its member Municipalities. In this case, Nicosia Development Agency (ANEL) often participates in different projects representing its member Municipalities (because of limitations in the number of consortium members in some Funding Schemes or Programs).

ACR+: Could you share with us one of your main achievements, a successful project you conducted?
E.L.: ANEL, partnered with seven other regions, in leading HoCare project, financed by Interreg Europe, to boost delivery of home care innovative solutions in regional innovation chains by strengthening of cooperation of actors in regional innovation system using quadruple-helix approach. By doing so, final beneficiaries are also included alongside the stakeholders and policymakers in their regional ecosystems and, as consequence, their needs play a significant role when trying to achieve the best from the activities applied in the framework of the Structural Funds.
Learning directly from Slovenian partner on the topic of home care through the use of ICT, Nicosia Development Agency has already received the endorsement of the Cyprus Ministry of Health in order to implement a new project under the current Operational Programme of ‘Competitiveness and Sustainable Development’. The allocated budget is EUR 400,000. The new project is focused on transferring this Slovenian good practice into Cyprus’ local conditions. In specific terms, this means that the Slovenian good practice eCare.
The project has achieved excellent results and has been highly promoted by the Interreg Europe JS and the European Commission as an excellent project of interregional cooperation. It was also endorsed and selected as a candidate for the European RegioStars Awards 2019 under thematic priority 5 - Modernising health services (Topic of the year 2019).

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