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The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) has announced the theme for the 2019 campaign: Waste education and communication. Along with producers and policymakers, consumers play a crucial role in determining how resources are used and disposed of. Under the slogan Change your ways, Reduce your waste, EWWR 2019 challenges them to educate themselves and others about their consumption and waste generation and to make changes to their lives in order to mitigate their environmental impact.
As the EWWR Secretariat, ACR+ has prepared a series of materials related to the theme of 2019, such as two posters, one infographic and four factsheets, which are available on the project website. The materials will be translated into languages other than English shortly and will be complemented by several other factsheets in the coming weeks. In order to spread the word about EWWR 2019 on social media, please use #EWWR2019 and #ReduceYourWaste.

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