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If the sun was a bit shy the past days in Dublin, it was definitely shining in the hearts of the over 40 ACR+ members who travelled to Dublin on 13 June 2019. The annual ACR+ General Assembly proved once again to be a friendly and joyful event, beautifully orchestrated by our host the Eastern Midlands Regional Waste Office (EMWRO).  An inspiring visit to the Rediscovery centre, a sumptuous conclusion dinner in Christ Church Cathedral, without forgetting live music and other of Dublin’s must-do contributed to the success of this year’s General Assembly.
ACR+ President, Iain Gulland, opened the event by welcoming attendees and emphasising the importance of joint action at the international level in order to address the sustainability challenges of our time.
A presentation of ACR+ upcoming publications completed the highlight of ACR+ activities. Before the end of the year members can expect a report on waste and tourism, public authority guidelines on sustainable construction, and a report on how to steer the social impact of the circular economy through education. An overview of the international and European contexts was also shared with the participants as local level is often impacted by wider political decisions.
The event kicked off the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of ACR+ with a vote on a special 25 years logo – soon to be unveiled – and the announcement of a carbon campaign aimed at helping participants reduce their CO2 emissions across the entire lifecycle of products.  
Regarding organisational procedures, the General Assembly approved the 2018 budget and decided to keep unchanged the membership fees for 2020. Minutes of the General Assembly are available in the Member Space.

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