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After three years of activities, the URBANREC project is entering its final phase and is at a point where it can communicate findings to interested audiences.

Project partners have chosen to do so in a series of brief factsheets, which present, in a concise and easy-to-read way, the solutions tested within the project to address urban bulky waste.

The topics covered by the factsheets so far are diverse and range from a dismantling system to increase reuse of old furniture to laminated cutting technology (fragmentation) to separate materials and products.

They also include case studies on the valorisation of PU foam, mixed textiles, hard plastic and wood obtained from urban bulky waste; wood plastic composites from recycled hard plastics and wood; developing reinforced fibres using recycled textile; using ecolabels and Environmental Technology Verification (ETV); a mobile application for citizens’ bulky waste management and the launch of a customer portal service in a Civic Amenity Site.
These factsheets can be downloaded from the URBANREC website. They provide a quick introduction to the more detailed public deliverables of the project and a good presentation of the non-public deliverables.

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