On 21 and 22 February, the CIRCTER project partners held a meeting in Brussels together with experts from ESPON, the programme under which CIRCTER is operating, to take stock of the progress in finalising the project’s report. The main objective of CIRCTER, in which ACR+ is a partner, is to provide evidence on the territorial dimension of the transition towards a circular economy. The main output of the project will be a report including: a territorial definition of the circular economy (through a system perspective and a focus on territorial factors); the monitoring of circular economy at sub-national levels (material and waste patterns and flows, sectorial characterisation of regional circular economies); evidence from CIRCTER case studies (six cases including three ACR+ members: Zero Waste Scotland, Maribor and Brussels Environment); and policy recommendations for different types of regions and cities.
The project final report is to be finalised and will be published along with a specific online section within the ESPON website containing the maps and graphs that illustrate the main results of the team’s research and analysis.

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