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On 10 December 2018, the EPR Club held its annual Planning meeting for 2019. The new year will start with an update of the EPR Club website, including an upgrade of its Virtual Library on EPR-related resources. The upcoming European elections and the expected changes in the European political landscape during 2019 are reflected also in the topics suggested by members participating to the Planning meeting. Among the concrete topics proposed to be discussed are: deposit-refund systems, separate collection and recycling of textiles, communication to get higher results, and the importance of international cooperation on EPR.

The first EPR Club lunch debate of the year will be hosted by ACR+ on 17 January 2019 on deposit-refund systems for one-way packaging in Europe. The event will include a presentation of the current situation in Europe, as well as interventions highlighting both the advantages and disadvantages of such systems from key European experts.

More information about the lunch debate will be available on the EPR Club event page. Full summary of the Planning meeting, as well as the Virtual library can be accessed on the members-only space on EPR Club website.

ACR+ members, being associated members of EPR Club, can participate in EPR Club events and access all online materials.

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