A new book has been published by Jean-Pierre Hannequart, former ACR+ President and Honorary President of ACR+ member Fundación para la Economía Circular. Entitled “Circular Economy – The Political and Legal Ambition of the European Union”, the book is the synthesis of a major evolution of the politics and law of the European Union. In a first part, it reviews the new strategic directions that a European circular economy policy is bringing up, such as eco-design of products, eco-efficiency of production processes, product durability, greening of public procurement, innovative consumption, waste prevention and new secondary raw materials market, not to mention the reduction of food wastage and the fight against the marine pollution by plastics. The second part of the book analyses the new legal provisions in relationship with circular economy, in particular the revision of European waste directive, including reinforced prevention obligations, ambitious targets for recycling and more extended producer responsibility regime.

More information: www.publier-un-livre.com

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