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If you have missed the EPR Club International conference, which took place on 22 November 2018, you still have the opportunity to watch the whole event online or download the presentations of the various speakers. Organised on the initiative of ACR+, its ACR+ member SUEZ as well as EXPRA and DSD, two other members of the EPR Club, the event focused on the role of EPR on marine litter, giving the floor to speakers from diverse sectors. In the first panel discussion, ACR+ Secretary General, Françoise Bonnet, exposed the position of public authorities when facing the problem of marine litter and the solutions which can be implemented. The second panel focused on micro plastics, and how eco-design could be part of the solution to prevent micro plastics and micro fibre to be released in water.

A report on the conference will soon be shared, in the meantime you ca have a look at the recording of the event, pictures and presentations on the EPR Club website..

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