While the implementation phase of eco-innovative measures is in full swing in the URBAN-WASTE project’s 11 pilot cities, the Municipality of Syracuse will host the next Mutual Learning event on 19-20 September 2018 in order to discuss marketing and communication measures that can be used to inform various target groups about good practices related to waste prevention and management.
The various measures being implemented in the 11 pilot cities and regions vary from promotion and installation of water fountains for tourists, collaboration with tourism establishments including hotels and restaurants, in order to minimise food waste production, improving tourists’ performances when it comes to waste separation on holidays and more. The essential challenge for these 11 pilots is to maximise the outreach and thus the efficiency of these measures. This is why the next Mutual learning event will focus on marketing measures and how to reach out different target groups. Apart from the mutual exchange of practices and achievements, numerous guest speakers will enrich the event with their own examples of successful campaigns, measures, and initiatives. Among others, Dimitra Rappou, from ACR+ member North London Waste Authority will report on the “London Upcycling Show” which attracted a lot of attention last year. Gaetano Russo of the Region of Sicily will discuss how the results of the “Sicilia Rigenera” campaign were disseminated. Rute Carvalho, from ACR+ Member Lisbon Municipality will present the campaign and project focusing on waste prevention “Trash can wait! Extend the life of your objects”. Lastly, Mireia Padros Tremoleda from ACR+ member the Catalan Waste Agency will present the European Week for Waste Reduction campaign in order to increase the visibility and outreach of the project.

The Mutual Learning event will be preceded by a Municipality Forum as well as several study visits in order to get an insight in local waste management practices, such as the door-to-door collection of various waste streams as well as local start-ups’ efforts to improve waste management in Syracuse.
Source: www.urban-waste.eu


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