ACR+ encourages all its members to use the opportunity to give more visibility and benefit from the exchange of good practices in the development of multifunctional places that enable waste prevention, reuse/repair and recycling. To do so, fill in a short questionnaire (estimated time spend 3 minutes), that is designed to gather basic information about the practices implemented.

The initiative is part of the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy (UAPCE) which is gathering experiences and practices about so-called “Urban Resource Centres”, as multifunctional places that work to enable waste prevention, reuse/repair and recycling on a local level in European cities. Case studies will be compiled for selected “Urban Resource Centres” and published in a report showing good practices which can serve as inspiration to replicate these in further European cities.

The purpose of “Urban Resource Centres” can encompass the following aspects:
•    Stimulate education/communication/awareness raising amongst businesses and citizens (for instance as an information centre);
•    Encourage the social economy (including the collaborative economy) and social cohesion (for instance as a reuse centre);
•    Act as an incubator, collaborating with local companies to develop sustainable and circular business models (as a green incubator).
•    Encourage and enable more re-use, repair and recycling (with in-house activities).

The cases are accepted before 14 May 2018.  For further information, read the full call here. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact ACR+ Secretariat.

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