On 18 January 2018, ACR+ hosted a webinar entitled "Possibilities of decentralised bio-waste management through local composting for economic, environmental and social improvements in the area”. Organised in collaboration with its member Agencia de Ecología Urbana de Barcelona (BCNEcologia), this webinar presented different examples of the development of successful community composting examples in different areas, which strategies had been applied and which were the main difficulties confronted. Examples of decentralised composting strategies were presented in particular community composting in rural areas, in mountains and in extreme weather conditions.

The webinar video has been made available for ACR+ members in the Members’ space. The presentations from this webinar are also available in this section.

The upcoming ACR+ webinar will take place on 15 February 2018 and will focus on "Boosting separate collection of paper and board for recycling”. This webinar will present and explain the main outcomes of the IMPACTPapeRec project which aims to boost the circular economy by promoting separate collection and further increases in paper recycling and avoiding landfilling and incineration. 19 partners across the paper value chain have contributed to creating a “Good and Best Practices Handbook for the collection of paper and board for recycling” in order to provide practical tools and concrete steps for improving paper and board collection on a territory.

After a few words on the project, the practical tools that have been developed during IMPACTPapeRec project will be presented. Namely, the Handbook of Good and Best practices, the self-assessment tool, the decision-guiding tool as well as the eLearning modules.

The full programme is available here.

This webinar is open exclusively to ACR+ members. 

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