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In December 2017, EPR Club members gathered for the yearly Planning Meeting in order to set the roadmap for the EPR Club in 2018. Attending members expressed their satisfaction with the running of the Club and reiterated the vision that the EPR Club becomes a true reference point for EPR issues in Europe – for its members, but also for EU Institutions and for other regions worldwide. For this, further efforts will be devoted to developing the Club as a competence and knowledge centre on EPR. This includes a special focus on the Virtual library in order to improve the knowledge base and information exchange among EPR Club members. All members are thus invited to share resources and information to feed the Virtual library. To do so, please contact the EPR Club Secretariat.

Regarding the upcoming events in 2018 several concrete proposals for lunch debates have been submitted. The topics include: eco-modulation of fees, EPR for textiles (linked with plastic recycling targets and textiles made of recycled plastics), online retailing and free-riders, communication, and cost coverage.  Further, an international conference on the topic of EPR and marine litter will take place in the second half of 2018. It will follow a similar approach to the organised by 4 EPR Club members on 22 November 2017 in the European Parliament.

Full summary of the Planning meeting, as well as the Virtual library can be accessed on the members-only space on EPR Club website.

ACR+ members, being associated members of EPR Club, can participate in EPR Club events and access all online materials.

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