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The European Horizon 2020 project COLLECTORS officially kicked off during a three-day event hosted by ACR+ member Contarina in Treviso, Italy. From 20 to 22 March 2018, the project partners met for the first time and consulted external experts regarding good practices in waste collection for paper and packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), and construction and demolition waste. A public conference and site visits to the waste management facilities of Contarina, one of the front runners for municipal waste collection in Europe, were also included.

The consortium meeting focused on the first step of the project, namely the selection of key parameters which will be used as a basis for the inventory of waste collection systems in Europe. In the following months a detailed mapping of around 300 waste collection systems will be performed, in order to select twelve case studies of special interest. These key parameters were discussed by the consortium, and then by members of COLLECTORS Regional Working Group, composed of 10 experts from various European local and regional authorities, including several ACR+ members.

Read more about the first meeting in the Press Release.

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