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RE4, the project is progressing and is on-track to reach its ambitious objectives. The first edition of the RE4 newsletter, published on 6 September 2017, introduces the project in more details and provides an overview of its progress and further plans.  

RE4  addresses the problem of 750 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste (CDW) generated every year in Europe of which below 50% are recovered. Making CDW one of the priority targets of European Commission, because of the large volume of generated waste and its high potential for re-use and recycling. As such, the RE4 project aims to develop new technologies and strategies for the design and development of structural and non-structural pre-fabricated elements with a high degree of recycled materials and reused structures from the partial or total demolition of buildings.

The main purpose of the project is to develop RE4 prefabricated energy-efficient buildings that can easily be assembled and dissembled for future reuse, containing up to 65% in weight of recycled materials from CDW. The reusable structures will range from 15-20% for existing building to 80-90% for the RE4 prefabricated buildings.

The approach and technology developed at the lab will be scaled-up through the set-up of pilot-scale manufacturing lines for the innovative sorting of CDW and the production of structural, non-structural and lightweight prefabricated elements integrating CDW, in order to validate the feasibility of industrial production in safe conditions.

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