URBAN-WASTE project has released the second issue of its newsletter. By reading it you can learn more about the latest project's developments in particular regarding the progresses and growth of the URBAN-WASTE community after each Mutual Learning event held. For example, an event in Santander enabled a discussion on Information and Communication Technologies in waste management.

The newsletter also comes back on the first URBAN-WASTE Community of Practices event which took place in Copenhagen. Communities of Practices are groups gathering different stakeholders (policy makers, researches, civil society, individual citizens, etc.) which are actively invited to participate to the local project activities in the 11 pilot cases among Europe. They are characterised by mutual engagement on a shared domain of interest, development of joint activities and sharing of a repertoire of resources – experiences, stories, etc.

For more news about URBAN-WASTE project you can visit www.urban-waste.eu or subscribe to the newsletter.

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