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After a very successful and interesting international conference and EWWR awards ceremony, ACR+ members and team had the pleasure to share a nice dinner and got to know each other better. This set the tone for the ACR+ General Assembly on the following day.

The morning started with an opening speech by Josep Maria Tost i Borràs, reminding that the richness of ACR+ network rests on the vast diversity of its members and their experiences. He invited each member to be as active as possible as the exchange of best practices is a key benefits of the network. Following this, Françoise Bonnet presented the activity and financial report 2016 and the work programme and planned budget 2017. In addition, the General Assembly voted on several points, especially regarding changes in membership categories. It agreed on the following:

  • creation of a new category of partner members, the so-called “Invited members” targeting in particular public authorities in the Mediterranean region
  • creation of a new type of effective members, the so-called “Supportive members” who can benefit of more services in exchange of a higher financial contribution
  • change in the fees for the network of local authorities, following the number of inhabitants covered
  • change in the fees for the consultancies, following the terminology defined by the European Commission

The rest of the day was dedicated to small discussion groups on seven different topics which aimed at favouring the emergence of concrete working proposals and activities for different topics, to be led by ACR+ and its members and included in the upcoming working programme (2018-2019).

The minutes of the General Assembly (including a more detailed description of the decision voted), the summary of the discussion groups as well as pictures will soon be shared with our members and published on ACR+ website.

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