The current pandemic of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, raises questions and brings challenges regarding municipal waste management practices and procedures (safety and health measures for employees, waste treatment requirements, general procedures due to coronavirus for waste sector). Since the beginning of the crisis, several webinars have been organised on the topic. You will find below a selection of those whose recordings are accessible to all. If the webinar you have organised is not included in this list, please send an email to Gaëlle Colas (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

LWARB hosted this webinar to share knowledge on its COVID-19 research projects. It features insights on; A study to predict the impact of COVID-19 on commercial waste volumes and composition within London; Learnings from London waste authorities’ responses to the need to protect waste and recycling services during the March 2020 COVID-19 lockdown; and; An extension to the waste compositional study conducted as part of the ‘Making recycling work for people in flats’ project, to look at the impact COVID-19 measures have had on waste volumes and composition in purpose built flats.

This series, jointly organized by UN-Habitat and the Wuppertal Institute for Environment, Climate, Energy under the Urban Pathways project, includes four webinars: Challenges and Opportunities of Municipal Solid Waste ManagementAdapting Municipal Solid Waste Systems; Workers' Safety; Managing Medical and Special Waste. Recordings, presentations, and a written summary are available.



WEcovidThis webinar organised by the World Economic Forum answers the following questions: What are the pressing challenges that have emerged for the global movement to combat plastic pollution and waste as a result of COVID-19? What are the biggest setbacks we’re seeing in each sector? How are different players adapting their strategies in light of this new paradigm, and what are some examples of support and collaboration that can help us move forward together?



This webinar organised by Zero Waste Europe brought together waste and health experts to assess the impacts that the COVID-19 virus is having on zero waste policies and strategies in Europe. It examined whether governments can simultaneously prioritise the health and protection of their citizens, whilst also progressing towards their local zero waste agenda.

At this online roundtable organised by the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) the speakers, from the ISWA Board and Scientific & Technical Committee, discussed waste management in these unprecedented times.

Webinar in Italian organised by AICA and ERICA. A summary of the webinar is available, including the main points of each speaker and the questions asked by the audience.

Webinar in Italian organised by AICA and ERICA. A summary of the webinar is available with the main points of each speaker.

The Spanish association Fertile Auro organised a webinar on community composting during the COVID-19 offering the opportunity to hear the opinion of expert microbiologists and to share the guidelines and modifications of the maintenance and management protocols of these areas that have been implemented by different territories of the Basque Country and Galicia.



The Spanish association Fertile Auro organised a webinar on the differentiated management of municipal waste. It focused on door-to-door collection systems implemented in different municipalities of the Basque Country, Catalonia and Valencia to see how they have dealt with this situation.

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