The first hours of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, forced public authorities and municipal waste operators to rapidly adapt their waste management systems and procedures to take into consideration elements such as safety and health measures for employees, waste treatment requirements, general procedures due to coronavirus for waste sector, staff availability, etc.

To reply to requests from its members, ACR+ gathered data on the different systems and solutions implemented across Europe to manage municipal waste in what can be called a first phase during which most territories experienced lockdowns or similar situations (covering the months of March and April 2020 for most countries included below). It has to be noted that situations are diverse and dependent on the national and local constraints as well as means available. As the pandemic is evolving and the situation moving to what could be called a second phase, the collection of practices linked to the first phase stopped in May 2020. The list below is thus offering an overview of which types of measures have been taken by the different actors at a certain time (mainly at the height of the pandemic) and does not reflect the current situation.

A synthesis is available in the infograph below which summarizes the observed trends regarding municipal waste management during the COVID-19 crisis in March 2020.

As the lockdown or other restrictive measures are progressively lifted, a second phase is starting and new challenges are appearing. ACR+ continues to gather data during this phase, making them available online.

Note: the information on national, regional and local practices has been published as we received it, with the addition of the necessary sources and small edition when needed. Translations were made by our team and are not under the responsibility of the issuing authority or organisation. We thank all our contributors.


ACR 2020 03 Waste management covid19 graph(click on the picture to enlarge it or download it as a pdf)


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