Smart financing and sustainability of Soil Health Living Labs and Lighthouses

From 13 June 2024 14:00 until 18 June 2024 12:00
At Online
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Life on Earth relies heavily on healthy soil, yet 60-70% of soils in the EU are in poor condition. In response, the European Commission has launched the Soil Deal for Europe, also known as the Soil Mission.

The mission emphasizes the importance of building local communities to facilitate systematic involvement of various actors across society.
For this, the soil mission aims to establish 100 living labs and lighthouses (LLs & LHs) to lead the transition by 2030.

But for this movement to continue beyond the EU funding, soil health LLs & LHs should secure their long-term sustainability, in terms of funding and other elements inherent to them.

According to a survey of the European Network of Living Labs – ENoLL, conducted in 2011 by the Ulster University, 83,9% of the respondent LLs confirmed that access to funding had been a problem. For 42,9% their main sources of funding came from the public sector; universities accounted for 14,3%; and private organizations contributing 10,7%. Also, the European Commission provided for 19,6% of funding, becoming the second main source for the continued existence of LLs.

This webinar intends to bring ideas of smart financing and sustainability of soil health living labs and lighthouses, combining current research, services in place, and hands-on experiences of both matured and young living labs.


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